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Seeing the Changing of the Guard from the very best spot by Buckingham Palace, hearing the story behind the Parthenon Marbles in the British Museum, tasting real Londoners' food on the street where Charlie Chaplin grew up, touching the stones which held the prisoners of the Tower of London, smelling the fresh air of Hampstead Heath as you gaze down on London below you; there is always something new, unexpected and amazing to experience in London.

From the must-see traditional sights of the royal palaces, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, the surprising London villages of Hampstead and Greenwich which make you disbelieve you are still in Western Europe's largest city, to off-the-beaten track walks discovering over-looked (and soon to be over-developed) London along the Walworth Road, the museums, the galleries, the alleyways and markets - that's what I love best about showing people the city where I grew up, the list of what to do is endless!

Sometimes that can feel overwhelming, which is why a guide is handy! I can help you identify what you will really want to see and do, from what you have been told you should see and do.

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Coach panoramic

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London Areas in Depth

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Windsor & Eton

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