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I was born in northern China and then moved to the south (Shenzhen) when I was a child. Now as a Chinese living in London, it seems I have always been adapting and growing up in the collision of different cultures. I came to the country to study A-level and did Finance & Management as my Under/Postgraduate degree. In the last decade, I have worked as an accountant for a Global 500 company; an editor and presenter for a mainstream Chinese broadcasting company; and I was even a restaurant owner. I have always been trying a new career path to explore my potential. In the beginning, I stepped into the industry because I like traveling. But now, meeting different people and facing different challenges has made me feel that my life and career have infinite possibilities.

Every object, painting, or building should be unique, it will be given a different life depending on the life experience of the narrator, and I am looking forward to sharing my view of the city with you.



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