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Craig Kao

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Hello, I am the founder of the first Blue Badge Guide Walking Tour for Mandarin audience in London
I know all the museum, the gallery that you need to visit, and with tons of more hidden corner and stories about London that make you wish you can stay in London forever.

With a degree in art from Central St Martin College of Art and Design ( one of most famous art college, where alumni inc Jarvis Cocker ( Singer, songwriter), Gilbert and George ( Artist paint themselves in gold ) , even Emilia Clark from the Game of Thrones) , I also run art workshop that make peanut into a pinhole camera, you know when you book my tour, it will be something very unconventional.



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「非常開心參加Craig的東倫敦中文導覽。印象最深刻的是他帶我們找到了倫敦的第一家咖啡館,並帶我們回顧了那個公共社交的時代。在倫敦,咖啡館是智識生活的焦點。那時候,新興的英格蘭銀行和東印度公司也用咖啡館交流。通過Craig的講解,讓我們輕鬆展開想像的翅膀,回到那歷史的維度中去體會大英帝國的輝煌文化。非常推薦參加Craig的導覽,總有一處會打動你。」- 2017/07/04 by Ling Liu

「想要深度逛倫敦嗎? 跟著Craig藝起遊倫敦就對了,他能將倫敦從古到今串連在一起,喚起你依稀有印象的東西,並鮮活的展現在你眼前,無論是建築、藝術、美食、歷史等,保證不虛此行。本來還想隨便找個導遊看一看就算了,好在停留英國期間能遇見他,沒有白來這一趟」 -2018/02/23 by Richard Yo

Personal Interests:

Art that make you go .. "oh..never thought of this"
Building that make you go .."wow" "wish I live in London now"
History that make you go...."what" "lucky to be in 21 century"
Food that make you feel like been part of world family

Special Interests:

Art/Paintings & Sculpture

British Museum - Around of World
National Gallery- All Time Classic
National Portrait- Face to Face
Wallace Collection - Hidden Jewel
Tate Britain - Best of Britain
Tate Modern - There are Trouble
All the galleries show artist that is alive, that not on your conventional plan.

Walking Tours

City of London- Stories about how London become so rich before they wearing suit.

Castles & Palaces

Tower of London - Everyone's Head is Safe
Windsor Castle- Sneak Peak of Royal
Hampton Court Palace - That Red Brick Palace

Churches & Cathedrals

Westminster Abbey - No More Space Underneath

Driver Guide: