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Hi, I am from Taiwan , Mandarin (Chinese )Speaking Blue Badge Guide

I am Passionate to share history, art, culture detail of UK

My speciality are in museum, walking tour, even in modern art.

I lived and work more than 20 years in UK, I can share the mind set of both Far east culture and English culture,
don't we all like a bit of culture shock

These are my interview / collaboration with top museum/ and radio interview / 先前訪談/廣播

奇美博物館帶你感受奇美英倫風 - 2
2021 九月“解鎖地球”



「非常開心參加Craig的東倫敦中文導覽。印象最深刻的是他帶我們找到了倫敦的第一家咖啡館,並帶我們回顧了那個公共社交的時代。在倫敦,咖啡館是智識生活的焦點。那時候,新興的英格蘭銀行和東印度公司也用咖啡館交流。通過Craig的講解,讓我們輕鬆展開想像的翅膀,回到那歷史的維度中去體會大英帝國的輝煌文化。非常推薦參加Craig的導覽,總有一處會打動你。」- 2017/07/04 by Ling Liu

「想要深度逛倫敦嗎? 跟著Craig藝起遊倫敦就對了,他能將倫敦從古到今串連在一起,喚起你依稀有印象的東西,並鮮活的展現在你眼前,無論是建築、藝術、美食、歷史等,保證不虛此行。本來還想隨便找個導遊看一看就算了,好在停留英國期間能遇見他,沒有白來這一趟」 -2018/02/23 by Richard Yo


Personal Interests:

Art that make you go .. "oh..never thought of this"
Building that make you go .."wow" "wish I live in London now"
History that make you go...."what" "lucky to be in 21 century"
Food that make you feel like been part of world family

Special Interests:

Art/Paintings & Sculpture

British Museum - Around of World
National Gallery- All Time Classic
National Portrait- Face to Face
Wallace Collection - Hidden Jewel
Tate Britain - Best of Britain
Tate Modern - There are Trouble
All the galleries show artist that is alive, that not on your conventional plan.

Walking Tours

City of London- Stories about how London become so rich before they wearing suit.

Castles & Palaces

Tower of London - Everyone's Head is Safe
Windsor Castle- Sneak Peak of Royal
Hampton Court Palace - That Red Brick Palace

Churches & Cathedrals

Westminster Abbey - No More Space Underneath

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