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There's nothing I like better than showing London to a visitor... my clients have said, "We feel like you're a tour guide and a friend". From the ‘big sights’ to the hidden corners, and from the big world-class museums to the stunning art galleries! And I’ll do it at your pace, based on the types of things you like to see, so that your day is adventurous and fascinating as well as comfortable and stress-free.
I will show you the Must See Highlights, and make it fun and going at your own pace. And I can show you lesser-known and more unusual facets of London, based on your interests.
My educational/ creative background is English/ Creative Writing, and I love giving tours focusing on William Shakespeare and his contemporaries, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, just to name a few!
By interest, I stay very close to the ever-changing scene of the City’s Galleries, from the big institutions to the smaller but no less fascinating art venues.
So please get in touch with me soon, I look forward to showing you around!

Personal Interests:

Architecture – Modern, Norman, and in between!
London’s Ancient Churches
British/ American Religious History
Cheese: Tasting & London History
History of the City of London
London and Science Fiction
Military History
Food History & London's Foodie Scene
World War II/ The Churchill War Rooms
Westminster Abbey
The Tower of London

Special Interests:

Castles & Palaces

The Tower of London
Buckingham Palace
Kensington Palace
The Changing of the Guard


The British Museum
The London Transport Museum
The Victoria & Albert Museum

History & Prehistory

Westminster Abbey
The Churchill War Rooms
World War II London

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