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Hello, my name is Charlotte or Lotty, I would be delighted to show you around London and beyond.

London is an ever changing, forward thinking, multicultural metropolis full of brilliant buildings, museums and galleries, gardens, squares and streets that are bursting with history!

London is magical, full of pomp and ceremony and together we can plan to see all the places that perhaps you have daydreamed about visiting, or seen on tv or movies.

I can take you to the most famous sites, to name but a few, Buckingham Palace - the Queen's official office. The Tower of London - her Majesty's royal palace and fortress, home to the Crown Jewels! Westminster Abbey, our royal church and a sacred place that celebrates the lives of incredible people who have shaped the world we live in today, such as the 17c scientist Isaac Newton and Charles Dickens, the 19c novelist.

We can also go off the regular tourist tracks and explore side streets, winding alleyways and quaint gardens and squares. You tell me your interests and the things you are passionate about and I will plan a tour that is as unique and as different as you are.

Storytelling is my passion, I quickly realised that London and its history makes a brilliant storybook, a rich tapestry of places, historical events and some of the most incredible people, that we can discover together and I can bring to life, with quirky and fun anecdotes.

History allows us to understand our place in the world today, making connections with the past. London has two thousand years of history, as well as modern day wonders that will excite and delight you in equal measure!

I am particularly keen to share the unheard, often unrepresented stories of women, black and LGBTQI+ history.

I trained as an actor, performing on screen and stage, playing roles created by some of the world's greatest writers - Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare. I teach drama to children and young adults. I have worked closely with SEND students (children with special education needs) I perform stand up comedy around the country of an evening, so hopefully as well as informative, my tours are engaging and funny too!

I have a young family of two boys, so know first hand what it is like to take on a new city with little ones. Together we can plan our day, then can easily adapt to suit little legs and tummies. I know all the best places that children love to explore and often have with me a bag of tricks - treasure hunts, mini quizzes and wet wipes! I have a natural affinity with children.

If my profile sounds like your cup of tea, please do get in touch, I'd love to show you around.

In the words of Paddington Bear "In London everyone is different, and that means anyone can fit in."

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