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I am a natural story-teller and love bringing places to life with tales from recent and more distant past. Every beautiful place has secrets to tell…

There is so much we miss when we view the city and landscape. I’ll ensure you see London in a different light…

I take tours throughout the capital and also many beautiful sights in the surrounding area too such as Hampton Court Palace and Windsor.

I also guide our fabulous museums ... the British Museum with its world cultures ... the National Gallery - a feast for art lovers, or the V&A - truly one of the great museums of the world with sculpture, art, furniture. jewellery … the we list goes on!

Then there are buildings where history really does come to life... Westminster Abbey, Tower of London or how about a visit to the magnificent setting of Greenwich?

In winter months I also take online tours… … was my answer to the pandemic. It was so popular that I am continuing to entertain online from home. If you are planning a visit to London then maybe you might like to consider a viewing before you come? Or maybe just join me because you are fascinated by so many aspects of London.

I have guided people from all sorts of backgrounds including children (I have an 10 year old son myself). I also work for corporate functions, tourist parties and individuals.

Whatever you would like to see I will do my utmost to ensure that you have an entertaining, hassle-free experience which will make the most of your time in London.

Please feel free to contact me.

Personal Interests:

Kensington Palace
Buckingham Palace area
British Museum
Windsor Castle
Hampton Court Palace
Tower of London and Beefeaters
Tudor London
Westminster Abbey
St Paul's Cathedral
The Thames River
Richmond upon Thames Borough

Special Interests:

Castles & Palaces

The glory of past events and the royal family are brought to life during visits to our fabulous Royal Palaces and castles...... Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace, The Tower of London, plus many of the lost palaces too.... There are some great stories to tell there too!


The British Museum is the most fascinating collection of artefacts relating to world cultures. I love to guide here.
The National Gallery is an absolute feast for art lovers with almost all the major masters represented amongst its collection of over 2,000 paintings. Finally the V&A is one of the worlds great museums - so many beautiful objects from the past with their uses and their stories.

Conferences & Incentives

I have worked regularly as a guide for business events. Rest assured that your programme will run very smoothly with me as your guide. I have over 20 years of experience of working with groups of all different types.


The Royal homes, palaces and castles plus many other off-beat places can bring the lives of royalty to life. There are so many stories to tell ... pomp, ceremony and .... scandal?!

Churches & Cathedrals

Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral are among the most spectacular churches in the country... places for coronations, weddings, funerals and many other memorable services. There are also other places of worship besides which also have their quirks and stories. Do let me tell you their stories on a visit here....


The National Gallery - home to some of the highest quality European Art in the world is a must see..... The Another amazing gallery is the V&A with its beautiful objects from around the world showing the art of design in the past through to the present day. Do let me guide you around these amazing national treasures...

History & Prehistory

History comes alive here in London where every nook and cranny has something to reveal. Packed full of stories, this city has never stopped evolving and paving the way for new ideas and forms of progress. Let me take you back in time to understand our streets and buildings better....

Stately Homes & Country Houses

You have come to the right place for stately homes - Britain is full of them and London is surrounded by beautiful places to visit. Within London itself we even have some of the London homes of the nobility - often used more frequently and for longer than their country seats. Let me take you on a trip to either....


Windsor & Eton, Virtual Tours

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