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Hello! My name is Anna Gray and I am an experienced Blue Badge Tour Guide offering friendly and informative guided tours of the Lake District, Hadrian’s Wall and other areas of Cumbria. BGTG Membership number: 426254.

On my guided tours, you will receive an in-depth understanding of the historical and cultural landscapes you visit, but delivered in such a way that the information is easy to digest and easy to remember.

Good preparation is essential to ensuring my guests receive the best possible experience. Once I know more about your interests, the time you have available and your levels of fitness, I can then develop an itinerary and a guided tour that is tailor-made for you.

I don’t bombard you with information from the very first minute. Instead, my aim is to build up your understanding bit by bit so that by the end of the tour you will be fully informed about what you have seen and experienced.

Learning should be fun and that is what I want you to experience during our guided tour. By gradually building up your understanding of the history, heritage and breathtaking landscapes of Hadrian’s Wall or the Lake District (both World Heritage Sites), you will feel enriched with positive memories that you can share with others.

You are not joining a group or having a set tour that is repeated on a daily or weekly basis. This is your tour, and by listening to and understanding your requirements, I can develop the optimum tour that works for you.

There are many benefits to hiring a guide.
Unless your tour is organised through a third party, I will be your main contact throughout the planning process.
You will receive a high level of understanding, delivered in a friendly and personable way.
You can benefit from my local knowledge on accommodation and transport options, and the most scenic and interesting
routes to take.
You can rest assured that your tour will have been carefully planned from the outset so that everything falls into place as it
At all stages, I will advise you on what is realistic and practical to include during the time you have available – yet be flexible
to your needs on the day.
I am a fully trained Blue Badge Guide, registered with the Institute of Tourist Guiding and a member of the British Guild of
Tourist Guides and Cumbria Tourist Guides.

As someone who enjoys planning trips, Anna is a joy to work with. She’s very good at pacing a trip and she is by far the best prepared guide I’ve ever known. She’s very knowledgeable about all the places she’ll take you to and matches the level of detail to what her clients want.
Bill Beal, White Nights Northern Lights Travel Agency, North Carolina, US

Personal Interests:

Hadrian's Wall
Romans & Reivers
Beatrix Potter
Historic Houses & Gardens
Sacred Landscapes
Historic Carlisle
Vernacular Architecture
Industrial & Maritime Heritage
'Reading Landscapes'
Geology and Geography

Special Interests:

Geography & Geology

To a large extent, geography informs history. This, together with aspects of geology and topography, are usually the reasons why humans modify their environment and why in certain places. By 'reading landscapes', we can understand the reasons behind the human-modified environment in all its many forms. Find out more on a varied landscape tour the English Lake District.

Churches & Cathedrals

Places of worship are often repositories of hidden treasures and glorious architecture. Each has a fascinating story to tell. Find out more on a special tour around the Medieval Churches of Eden.

History & Prehistory

Cumbria is said to have more Neolithic monuments than any other county in England. Standing stones, monoliths, henges, stone circles and the remains of a once-impressive stone 'avenue' can all be seen on a special tour of Cumbria's 'Sacred Landscapes'.

Other tours cover Hadrian's Wall, the rich Viking remains along the West Coast and a wealth of Norman heritage.

Industrial Heritage

It’s hard to believe that the bucolic landscapes of the Lake District were once home to various industrial processes. Charcoal burning, bobbin making, mining, smelting, forging, quarrying, gunpowder manufacture, milling and tanning were all once common occupations in the Lake District. Discover more on an industrial heritage tour in the Rusland Valley and around Coniston.

Walking Tours

There is no better way to thoroughly explore the Lake District and Hadrian’s Wall than on a guided walk. Delve deep into the history, heritage, wildlife and fascinating characters of Cumbria on a selection of easy walks throughout the area. All walks can be tailored to your requirements.

Special walking tours of Historic Carlisle and Roman Carlisle can also be arranged.


To see archaeology in action, there is no better place than Vindolanda. This Roman fort is undergoing complete excavation (it will take decades) but every day during the season new exciting finds are being discovered. Come along on a guided tour, meet the archaeologists and learn more about Roman Britain.


The vernacular architecture of Cumbria is distinctive and an expression of the underlying geology, topography and climate of this region. Discover humble cottages & farmhouses, medieval churches & priories, elegant country houses and imposing castles & tower houses.

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