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Hello, my name is Alex Robinson and I have lived in London nearly all my life. As well as being a guide I am a travel journalist. I used to be London editor for the big U.S magazine Budget Travel and have had my work in the New York Times, Vanity Fair, the Sunday Times and the Wall Street Journal among others.

I am a graduate of Cambridge University and remain a member of Emmanuel College.

I love telling stories of London old and new. I know all the best pubs and restaurants, the quirky back streets and the secret shops and where you can capture those fabulous London views. And I know the British Museum, the National Gallery, the V&A, the Tower, Westminster Abbey, Greenwich, Hampton Court and Windsor like the back of my hand.

I specialise in London walks, small museums art and galleries - like the Wallace Collection, and out of town destinations like Stonehenge, Bath and Oxford.

As a multi-awarded photographer I can offer guided bespoke photography trips. So whether you'd like to find the best angles on our iconic sights with your smart phone or get to know your DSLR better while you're here then I can help you.

Personal Interests:

City of London
Westminster Abbey
National Gallery
St. Paul's
British Museum
Tower of London
Natural History Museum
The Museum of London
Christianity in London
Hindu London - Neasden and Alperton
Photography in London - from beginner to prothusiast DSLR
River Thames - South Bank walks
City of London walks
City of London churches
Hampstead and Highgate
Religious Art in the National Gallery
Legal London - Inns of Court
Mayfair - the heart of American London
London parks - a green walk through the heart of London
Apsley House
The Wallace Collection
London & The Napoleonic Wars
Churchill's London
Kensington Palace
Science Museum
Royal Palaces
Medical London Walk
Central London Walks

Special Interests:


Bespoke photo tours in London from enthusiast to advanced-level. I can show you how to get the best angles, the best light and for DSLR users how to use aperture and exposure effectively.

I am an experienced travel photographer published by the Sunday Times, National Geographic and the New York Times among others. I am also a recipient of a prestigious National Magazine Award in the USA.

Churches & Cathedrals

From Westminster Abbey to St. Paul's - unlocking the royal and religious secrets. I have an M.Phil in Religious Studies from Emmanuel College Cambridge and a strong interest in church architecture, art and faith in general.


From general tours of the National Gallery, Tate Britain or the Tate Modern to visits of our smaller specialist galleries like the Wallace Collection or the National Portrait Gallery.

Art/Paintings & Sculpture

Tours tailored to special interests - from royal and religious art to art by British painters and sculptors.


I offer literary tours of London, focussing on the City of London and featuring writers including Dickens, Shakespeare, JK Rowling, John Donne, Dr Johnson, Wilkie Collins and Chaucer.

Walking Tours

Walking tours of the City of London (our financial district), Legal London, Medical London, Kensington, Bloomsbury, Mayfair, Royal London, London Parks and if you want to get some exercise while you're in London I can take you on a longer city hike. Or if you prefer we can tour London by bike.


I am very comfortable with faith groups. London's religious history is rich and diverse. I have a Masters degree in Religious Studies from Cambridge focusing on Christianity, Islam and Hinduism and offer bespoke tours of Christian London, Catholic London and Hindu London.


I offer Rock and Roll tours with names like Dylan, the Stones, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix and the Beatles and include lesser know iconic sites including where Bob Dylan shot the world's first music video

Ethnic Britain

I come from a strong multi-cultural background having lived in India, Latin America, South East Asia and with many months spent in the USA, Australia, Spain and Portugal. I am very comfortable unlocking the secrets of London's wonderful, diverse communities - from Brazilian churrascarias and Peruvian fine dining, to the mandirs of Alperton and Wembley, the mosques of Woking ad Regent's Park and the melting pot of the East End

Ghosts, Murders & Mysteries

From haunted Berkeley Square to the mysteries of occult London

International Links

I have lived in Brazil, India, South East Asia, Mexico, Australia and Thailand and worked extensively in the USA, Philippines, Vietnam, Spain, Portugal, Peru, Costa Rica and Belize. I have strong familiarity with all these countries. I am also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

Castles & Palaces

I have guided extensively in Hampton Court, Windsor, Kensington Palace, the Tower of London and around Royal London in general


While I guide frequently in the big museums - like the National Gallery, British Museum and V&A and I love exploring the smaller museums like the Museum of London, the Wallace Collection, Apsley House and the Horniman Museum


I offer a medicine themed walk around Smithfields and St. Barts Hospital showing how medicine evolved from the medieval monasteries


Tours of all of London's Royal Palaces currently open to the public including Windsor, The Tower of London and Kensington Palace, with the Changing of the Guard

Stately Homes & Country Houses

In London and the South East

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