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I've been back in education during the C-19 dislocation. When schools were closed I looked after the children of key workers and when they opened I taught across a range of subjects in an 11-16yrs 'village college in Cambridgeshire. That has kept me sane. nonetheless, I am soooo looking forward to getting back to full time guiding.

"Alex did an amazing job. We had all ages in our group and he spoke at a level interesting to all. I was very impressed. Thank you." Mary, Tower of London, January 2020

"Alex was great! As we walked, he made history come alive. He never seemed to mind our questions and he knew the answer to all of them. He did a great job keeping our group together when we got in crowded in areas. Thank you Alex for the wonderful walk. Absolutely amazing." Steve, London Highlights, August 2019

"Alex was funny and interesting and the best tour guide we have ever had. We learned SO much and he made it really interesting for the kids. Thank you Alex!" Carol, London in a day, April 2019

"You really love your job, Alex. It makes such a difference!" Leah, America's Clogging All Stars, January 2019

In a morning or afternoon tour we can explore Westminster with many of London's most famous landmarks like Buckingham Palace (with the Changing of the Guard), the Abbey, Big Ben and the River Thames. We would still have time to enjoy London's lovely people-watching highlights like Covent Garden or the Southbank.

With a full day we can go further and take in theatre land and London's Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

I am an experienced guide. A former teacher, I thrive with youngsters, families and school groups. I am a Londoner. I grew up in Greenwich, here in the capital. I know London and I love it.

I run great tours on many themes: adventure, puzzle solving, escape, art galleries for kids and children, solving clues, interpreting sculptures, movies, back-streets, hidden alleyways, grave yards, theatre, view points, ceilings and most important: ice cream.

Personal Interests:

Military history: controversial figures and campaigns from world wars one and two. Haig, Trenchard, Harris, Churchill all deserve the microscope.
Children's and family tours. Scavenger hunts
Bespoke tours
Royal family
Film Locations: Bond, Sherlock, Poppins, Fast & Furious
Art & Architecture

Special Interests:

Castles & Palaces

Buildings have stories to tell. Blood-curdling, eye-popping stories. Alex will be your interpreter.
The Tower of London
Kensington Palace
Buckingham Palace
Windsor Castle

London Areas in Depth

Royal Greenwich; Ceremony and the City; Saucy Southwark; Shakespeare and shopping; Westminster, Literary Bloomsbury, Shakespeare's London.

Churches & Cathedrals

Many of the most inspiring, astonishingly beautiful places and spaces were built on faith: mighty abbeys, tiny vibrant churches and shells that are the shadows of communities lost.


Alex's experiences as creative arts educator, secondary school teacher and museums' informal learning officer are gifts for you to draw upon.

Ghosts, Murders & Mysteries

Alex is a story teller. The ghosts of Arbella Stuart and the 'She-Wolf of France' will be conjured in your mind's eye. Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes will dash down streets ahead of you. The bitter cries of outcast London will echo in your ears.


Alex is a battlefields guide in France and Belgium and an educator with the Holocaust Educational Trust. He brings his knowledge and experience to walks and museum visits across the capital.
Alex will take you on Winston Churchill, the Unknown Warrior, World War One or World War Two.

Walking Tours

Film Locations:
Darkest hour
James Bond 007
Fast & Furious
Harry Potter
Mary Poppins

Art/Paintings & Sculpture

Tate Britain
Tate Modern
The National Gallery
The National Portrait Gallery

Industrial Heritage

Isambard Kingdom Brunel. What a guy!


Science Museum
Natural History Museum
British Museum
Imperial War Museum
HMS Belfast
Churchill War Rooms
Tower of London


The Inns of Court
Royal Courts of Justice
Temple Church

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