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I’m Adrian, a Romanian Blue Badge tourist guide and I aim to do just that, guide you through London.

I offer panoramic coach tours and guided walks whose routes I’ve selected to include not just architectural and historical landmarks but to also give you an overview of the cultural past and present, historical context, alongside entertaining stories and practical visitor advice.

London has some of the greatest and largest museums and art galleries in the world, the British Museum or the National Gallery can feel overwhelming for a first time visitor, particularly when your time is limited, so I am able to give you either selected highlights tours or more specialised ones, tailored to your specific interests or age group.

Westminster Abbey, Tower of London or St. Paul’s cathedral with their long history, architectural details and unique stories have attracted visitors, like yourself, for hundreds of years meaning that, guides, like myself, have always been part of the experience, a sensible practice as much as a tradition.

Being born outside UK, just like more than a third of all Londoners, gives me a perspective similar to yours, I remember my first day in London, the enthusiasm, the excitement and even after many years I still feel privileged to be able to live here and to share my enthusiasm for this great city with people from all over the world.

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