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Aaron Kulakiewicz

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07779 091765

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I have a comprehensive understanding of British Archaeology.
With an undergraduate degree in History and Archaeology from Sheffield University, and a Masters Degree in Archaeology from Oxford University I can regale you with information about this country's archaeology. Along with my studies I have over a year's experience working on archaeological digs all around the country.

Politics & Government

I have a comprehensive understanding of British Politics with 5 years experience working for both the House of Commons and the House of Lords as a tour guide and Parliamentary official. I led information talks on major events in British political history. I will enthral you with anecdotes about our Parliament.

Maritime Britain

Excellent knowledge of Maritime Britain.
I am fascinated by maritime worlds. I studied modules in Maritime History and Maritime Archaeology at university and was a volunteer at Royal Museums Greenwich for six months. If you want to learn about maritime Britain there's plenty I can tell you.

History & Prehistory

I have an excellent general knowledge of British History.
With my undergraduate degree in History and Archaeology I have built on my knowledge of Britain's past and can entertain you with anecdotes from bygone days.

Churches & Cathedrals

Trained guide of both Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral


Excellent knowledge of the National Gallery, the British Museum and the Maritime Museum.

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