Guiding during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic

Guide Fees

Before hiring a Blue or Green Badge Tourist Guide, it is important to establish the level of remuneration – the fee charged – for the service provided.

Fees are a matter of negotiation between the tourist guide and the client, based on the client’s requirements, eg location, duration and language spoken.

As an example, fees for an English speaking London Blue Badge Guide in 2021 are likely to start at around £180 per half day and £290 per full day. Green Badge Guides and those in the regions may differ. Driver guides and those with second languages generally charge a higher fee.

Details of illustrative fees from April 2021-2022 here and from April 2022 here

Guild members may use the terms and conditions below or have their own. Please ensure you are aware of  these when booking a guide.

Guides working in in London from 1st April 2021 terms & conditions here

Guides working in the Regions from 1st April 2021 terms & conditions here

Please note these are particularly applicable to London tourist guides. Throughout the country, fees for guiding services will vary from region to region.

In order for Guides to be able to take a morning and an afternoon engagement on the same day, morning tours are expected to finish by 1300 (timings to and from Central London) and afternoon engagements are not expected, in general, to start before 1330, to allow for adequate transit time for the Guide.

The fees negotiated will vary from client to client and from Guide to Guide. Higher rates may be agreed, for example within the range above, for customised tours, or tours that require a good deal of reconnaissance, for specialist knowledge, or because of a client’s tour operator’s particular requirements.