The ‘Cousin Jacks’



Migration / Ancestry


The Tour / Experience:

A short scene-setter talk and then a ‘virtual field trip’ presented by expert local guide, Ian Newman. Stunning visual images, aerial video as well as ‘pieces to camera’ explore the Cornish Moors and the spectacular coast.

Learn how and why Cornish miners travelled the world exporting their expertise and culture.

Discover how Cornwall’s mineral wealth gave rise to an entire era of prehistory.

Find out about Cornwall’s distinctive legends, superstitions, folklore and language.

Bright, informative and never taking itself too seriously this presentation will give participants a real insight into Britain’s ‘Fourth Celtic Nation’. So, sit back and enjoy from the comfort of your own living room – the weather is always perfect for ‘virtual tours’ too.


The Highlights: 

  • Stunning seascapes and landscapes
  • Learn about the migration of Cornish people throughout the world and where they settled.
  • Discover the origins of Cornwall’s distinctive names, of people and places. Might you have Cornish Ancestry?
  • Hear the insights of one of Cornwall’s last remaining tin producers.
  • Discover the distinct wildlife that has colonised this unique habitat.



Tour Details:

Virtual programme presented live on Zoom

1-hour virtual tour.


Contact Details:


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About the guide

Name: Ian Newman

Qualifications: South West

Languages: English