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On this tour we will see the oldest Quaker meeting house in continuous use and early meeting places for the Methodists. Our route will take in the site of the slums where the pot wallopers lived who held the key to elections, and we will find out how and why they were bribed.  We will see the inns where the Whigs and the Tories had their headquarters and learn about the rowdy elections and the battle for Parliamentary reform.  Such was the corruption that Hertford was described as “The most notoriously corrupt place in the kingdom”.  In the castle grounds we find out about attempts in the Middle Ages to rebel against the tyranny of King John, and learn about the local leaders of the Peasants Revolt.  We will look at the statue of Samuel Stone the Puritan minister who emigrated to America and founded Hartford Connecticut.  Finally, we will see where one of the survivors of Peterloo lived and meet a suffragist who went on to help found the Scottish Nationalist party

Tour lasts 2 hours and will follow the government guidelines on social distancing.


The Highlights: 

  • Quaker meeting house – the oldest meeting house in continuous use.
  • Samuel Stone -Puritan who emigrated to America and founded Hartford Connecticut
  • Shire hall and the site of the hustings
  • Postern gate of Hertford Castle and the local leaders of the Peasants Revolt

Tour Details: 

Start: Pick up or meeting location, distance from the train station of Salisbury Square or Hertford

End: St Andrew’s Church


Contact Details: 

Email: info@hertsbesttours.co.uk

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Name: Elizabeth Eastwood

Qualifications: East of England

Languages: English