From The Star Spangled Banner to The Humble Vacuum Cleaner





The Tour / Experience:

A short introduction to Gloucester itself and then a ‘virtual field trip’ presented by local guide Heather Newman. Local characters and stories, aerial views, and photographs of the historic city will guide us through the story of the people and inventions that have impacted the United States and the rest of the world!

Learn about the men who left Gloucester taking their ideals with them and those that lived or worked in and around Gloucester who impacted the lives of people around the world up until the present day.

Discover some of the fascinating and quirky history of the city and those that have lived and worked in and around it.

Enjoy a fun and informative talk about a fascinating and historic city from the comfort of your own home!


The Highlights: 

  • People who have taken their ideals to America – one man who signed the Declaration of Independence and one who pioneered for American independence as early as 1749!
  • One of the pioneers of the Methodist and Evangelical Movement who could according to Benjamin Franklin be heard by 30,000 people at a time!
  • From the official song of a group of rich amateur musicians including Samuel Johnson and Joshua Reynold to the national anthem of the United States! How the Star Spangled Banner crossed the Atlantic!
  • From the man who created Sunday Schools to the man who pioneered vaccines how the inventions of those from Gloucester and the surrounding area have impacted the world.


Tour Details:

  • Virtual programme presented live on Zoom.
  • 1 hour virtual tour.  


Contact Details:


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About the guide

Name: Heather Newman

Qualifications: Heart of England

Languages: English