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Bath Abbey
A stunning Gothic perpendicular church, with a magnificent west front. It’s the parish church of Bath and plays an active part in the spiritual health of the city. It’s history has been shaped by Kings and Queens, with even a visit from Queen Elizabeth I in the 1500s. Built on the site of the coronation of the first king of England, King Edgar.

The Royal Crescent

Arguably Bath’s most desirable residence in Georgian times, this sweeping crescent of houses stands above Bath and never fails to take your breath away. Built in the late 1700s by John Wood the Younger it was the place to stay on visits to Bath. It has been the location for many film shoots including most recently, Bridgerton


The Circus
Just a short walk from the Royal Crescent is The Circus, echoes of the Colosseum in Rome here. The architect, John Wood the Elder was inspired by the Italian architect, Andrea Palladio and influenced by Roman and Greek architecture.  It’s circular design and magnificent façade is a “must-see”.

Pulteney Bridge
This wonderful bridge is one of the iconic views of Bath. It is one of 3 bridges in Europe with shops on both sides, the others are the Ponte Vecchio and the Rialto in Florence and Venice. It spans the River Avon and is completed by a spectacular horse shoe weir.



  • Qualified Local Blue Badge Guide.
  • Bath Abbey
  • The Royal Crescent
  • The Circus
  • Pulteney Bridge


Tour details:

Duration: 2 hours

Recommended Group Size: 2 to 25

Pick up or meeting location Abbey Churchyard, Bath

Special equipment needed sensible walking shoes and waterproof coat


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About the guide

Name: James McPhee

Qualifications: South West

Languages: English