Why we love Guiding

Every day is different! That’s the recurring theme we hear when we ask our Blue Badge Tourist Guides why is it that they love Guiding. They have all done extensive training for two years and they take great pride in their work. But most importantly then really do seem to enjoy what they do.  Here some of Blue Badge Guides tell us why they love Guiding so much.


Clare McCoy, Blue Badge Guide

Clare McCoy, British Blue Badge Guide

“I love guiding because I get to meet people from all over the world. I often do private tours for families with young children. At the end of the tour, I feel like we’ve all become best friends.”



“My mother passed away in 1997 and I used part of her legacy to fund my Blue Badge training. The course taught me how much I did not know, but I learnt a lot and continue to do so. It has provided me with an interest and what I can best describe as a paid hobby since I qualified in 1998. Thanks Mum! I can work when I want to, where I want to, and I like getting out and about I like sharing the vast rich heritage we are fortunate to enjoy. I enjoy watching visitors having “Wow!” moments at places like the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bath’s Royal Crescent or Stonehenge and I like the variety of the people I meet. A wall map of the world could be covered with pins identifying the nationalities of my visitors.”

Mike Rowland


Roger Bailey British Blue Badge Guide

Roger Bailey, British Blue Badge Guide

“I love the fact that every day is different. Meeting new people from all over, showing them and telling them about places they might not be able to discover themselves. It’s also good to work outside, often feeling you’re alive when amongst our past. You can learn new things from visitors, things that you would find in any guidebook!”

Roger Bailey


“My passion is for sharing with visitors the unexpected delights we have in Yorkshire. Often people are unaware of these places and it’s always gratifying when they go away with new discoveries under their belt. It’s a privilege to be part of this eye-opening experience”.

Rosemary Barnes


Steve Hill, Blue Badge Tour Guide

Steve Hill, British Blue Badge Guide


“When I’m out at a historic site or building, I imagine the people throughout the ages, going to and fro and in and out. They all look really busy. Some seem happy, some a bit sad, some pre-occupied with work.  And, while I’m looking on, I want to go up to one and say: “Hi, excuse me,  but we are just visiting, do you mind if we hang out with you for a bit?” That’s what I love about guiding. It’s the sharing of the stories and the places with people”.

Steve Hill