durham cathedral

Magna Carta in Durham Cathedral

The only surviving copy of the 1216 issue of Magna Carta will be on display in Durham Cathedral this Summer, alongside the 1217 Forest Charter and other medieval documents from the Cathedral’s collections.

As part of the rolling programme of exhibitions in the new Open Treasure exhibition spaces, this unique display will run from 19 June to 9 September 2017. It will also include the Cathedral’s two further issues of Magna Carta, from 1225 and 1300, together with Forest Charters from the same years.

Even after 800 years, Magna Carta and the Forest Charters continue to be of huge significance to life and law in the United Kingdom. The Forest Charter, first issued in 1217, was designed to complement Magna Carta.

Durham Cathedral is extremely fortunate to be custodians of six of these incredible documents. And to mark the 800th anniversary of this occasion, these six documents will be displayed together for the first time, exploring the continued impact that these charters exert.