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London favourites

We asked four Blue Badge London tour guides to tell us about their favourite places in the capital and why they loved them so much. Next time you’re visiting the city, seek these spots out.

It’s just one example of the intimate knowledge of a place that Blue Badge guides bring, so you feel like you’re experiencing new sites, and seeing famous places in an entirely different light.

“… the fascinating area of Spitalfields. It combines layers of history with an exciting contemporary feel. There’s the old Jewish Soup Kitchen, atmospheric rows of 18th century Huguenot silk-weavers’ houses, smells of delicious Brick Lane Banglatown curries, studios of contemporary artists and boutique fashion shops. Plus a busy market, Hawksmoor’s magnificent Christchurch Spitalfields church and Montezuma’s chocolate shop.” Gavin Webb

“… the Victoria and Albert Museum’s original restaurant. It is the most beautiful, atmospheric and tranquil place for the first cappuccino of the day. The V&A’s first director decided that the museum and the restaurant should be open at night for working people. He believed that they would get the best from the museum on a full stomach. I always picture Victorian visitors eating by gaslight before they tour the museum.” Annika Hall

“… Postman’s Park. Located in the heart of the City Of London, it provides not only a tranquil haven for Londoners and visitors alike but also encapsulates many aspects of London life: history, religion, tourism, commerce and social change. George Frederick Watts’s memorial to heroic self sacrifice is a poignant reminder of ordinary people who lost their lives saving others and who might otherwise have been forgotten.” Donal O’Hagan

“… the top of St Paul’s Cathedral. As well as its significance as a place of worship, St Paul’s is a masterpiece of architectural heritage. With adventurous travellers I always head for the stairs and we climb above the main body of the church. The Whispering Gallery is well known, but the two upper viewing platforms less so. No matter how many times I make the ascent, I still find it a novelty. On the way up you can appreciate the engineering and structure of the dome, and once outside you have breathtaking views across the city.” Glyn Jones

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