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Dollhouses, TownHouses and Bath Houses – From Bethnal Green to Brick Lane.

Wealthy merchants and silk weavers used to live around this village green. See Bethnal Green’s Tudor house and some fine Georgian terraces and churches too. Now, it’s not the mulberry trees and manor house, which catch our eye, but the Museum of Childhood. Don’t be misled by such innocence – beneath lurk tales of public execution, fascist marches, Blitz tragedies and gang murder.

Mary Sewell, Tel +44(0)20 8985 5268, Mob 07711 934 712, E: mary@guidedtours.uk.com,

City of London Drug Dealer Tour
The East India Company was granted a charter by Queen Elizabeth I in 1600. From modest beginnings, involving a few ships to bring back pepper, “The Company” became the rulers of India, sending tea back to Britain and opium to China. It was our original ‘too big to fail’ multinational company, with its own army and civil service but when the Indians rebelled against their rule in 1857, the East India Company was forced to cease trading the following year. Join Blue Badge guide Tim Kidd on a walk in the City of London that traces the rise and fall of the East India Company.

Tim Kidd – timkidd@bluebowler.co.uk
2012 Venues Cycling Tour

Join your local Blue Badge Guide for a cycling tour of this fascinating part of London. Discover how the 2012 sports events will transform the industrial East End. View the fantastic new sports arenas which will be seen by over 3 billion people. Hear about the creation of the largest new park in Britain for over 100 years. Get to know the industrial history of the area: from the Temple of Sewage to the Gin factories Visit the beautiful 18th century Tidal Mill. Travel along the Greenway – the M1 of cycle paths.

Laura Comley-Smith, 07984 013 532, E:laura.comley-smith@talk21.com,

England’s last time warp – the North Pennines Wilderness
The North Pennines is one of England’s best kept secrets. This tour visits the stunning and contrasting scenery of this designated area of outstanding natural beauty and great scientific interest. We penetrate the highest human habitations in one of the most remote parts of the British Isles. After passing through the idyllic ”lost world” of a still working country estate owned by the same family for three hundred years, we rise up into the wild stretches of moorland to discover Alston, the highest town in England with its distinctive 17th century houses and life styles of its present inhabitants.

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