Four hundred years ago in August 1620, an English merchant ship with 102 settlers on board set off for the New World. After 65 days battling storms, scurvy, pneumonia and TB, 53 surviving passengers – the United States founding fathers – disembarked the Mayflower.

2020 marks the anniversary of the Mayflower transport. There will be celebrations across the UK marking the lives of the Pilgrims and the Native American people they encountered.

Plymouth is staging a week-long festival in September that will include daily aircraft fly-bys and a cast of 200 in a show at the Theatre Royal to be performed on both sides of the Atlantic. Opening in spring 2020, The Box is a new museum for the city, housing maritime collections, including Drake’s Drum – according to legend, Sir Francis Drake’s drum beats whenever England is in danger.

There will be new public artworks at the Mayflower Steps in Plymouth and in Dartmouth. A sculpture of the ship will be revealed in Harwich, Essex, birthplace of the boat’s captain Christopher Jones.

From May to September 2020, the PilgrimAGE festival will connect communities across Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire through a range of heritage activity, including exhibitions, talks, education activity and workshops.

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