Victoria and Albert Museum Tour

Sculpture,  painting,  costume,  jewellery,  ceramics,  architecture, glass, furniture, textiles, photography, prints  – for anyone with a passion for the fine or decorative arts,  a private Blue Badge guided tour of this world-class Victorian museum makes for an enthralling visit.

With so many great exhibits, your guide will shape your tour to your interests, as well as making sure you include the museum highlights.  A tour might include highlights, such as the celebrated Raphael Cartoons – commissioned by an early 16th century Pope for a series of impressive tapestries –  the Ardabil carpet – the world’s oldest dated carpet made in 16th century Persia –  and Tipu’s Tiger – a wooden semi-automaton made for Tipu Sultan, 18th century ruler of Mysore in South India and one of the V&A’s most captivating objects.

Beyond this there are sculpture galleries with major works by a wide range of famous sculptors including Canova and Rodin, the much-visited Cast Courts containing an unsurpassed collection of casts of post-classical European sculpture, fashion galleries telling the story of British clothing over five centuries,  medieval galleries and a world-class collection of paintings, prints and photos.  The V&A’s eclectic special exhibition series recently has featured musical legends such as David Bowie and Pink Floyd, as well as fashion legends Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga and children’s favourite Winnie-the-Pooh.

Whatever your interests, your guide will tailor your visit to your interests to get the maximum out of this world-class museum – including refreshments in its beautiful café, which is a work of art in its own right.

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