Port Sunlight and William Lever

Join your expert professional guide for a story of art, soap and social reform.

MP, tribal chieftain, Lord of the Western isles, social reformer, billionaire, soap-boiler, art and antique collector and creator of Lady lever Art gallery, William Lever was a maverick Victorian who changed transformed the city of Liverpool.

He believed in the welfare state, votes for women, pensions, sick pay, workers’ rights and that the world’s problems could be solved by ballroom dancing.
Our private walking tour of Port Sunlight, the pioneering community that he created tells the story of the work of more than 30 architects and the garden city he conceived for the benefit of his workforce. This English country village was created in the early 20th century with high-quality accommodation, heated swimming pool, world-class gym, church, schools for his workers’ children and a hospital for the workforce.

You will love this tour – it’s Liverpool’s very real “soap opera”.

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