Liz Minter

Liz Minter

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English, French

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07966 301611



Would you like to know London better? Let me show you the interesting and sometimes hidden parts of this amazing city. I can bring alive some of the major sites of London and Canterbury with inside knowledge and good stories to illustrate your tour.

Which infamous twins were jailed in opposite towers in the Tower of London?
Did the Ceremony of the Keys ever take place at a different time?
Which London graveyard has a tomb which was the prototype to the red telephone box?
What were the Winchester Geese?

Which Royal had a "picnic" in Walmer for 20 years? The Dunkirk landings were orchestrated in Dover Castle. Was reality like the recent film?

Christ Church Gate of Canterbury Cathedral once lost its two towers. Why?
Folkestone was a port that saw the passage of just under 10 million soldiers in WWI. There was also an amazing spy network run from Folkestone - find out more.

Personal Interests:

Walking tours
Canterbury, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Diversity and regeneration
The Tower of London
Southwark and the seamier side of London
City of London
St Paul's
National Gallery
British Museum
Windsor Castle
Dover Castle
Folkestone and WW1

Special Interests:


An ex secondary school teacher, I have an interest in showing students our culture and history and bringing it alive for them. Syllabus areas which can be covered are:
Travel and tourism
Cultural diversity

Castles & Palaces

A "wife of" for many years I had the privilege of being privy to some fine residences, parades and ceremonies.

Walking Tours

I specialise in walking tours both in London and Kent which focus on history and regeneration

Churches & Cathedrals

A look at the architecture and history of some of our most famous churches and cathedrals.

Regional Tours

Kent is the garden of England but it has also always been front line Britain. See how the wars over the centuries have shaped the landscape and economics of Kent.

Additional Qualifications:

MITG, MBA, Teaching qualifications

Driver Guide: