Claudia Crovace

Claudia Crovace

Regional Qualification(s):



Italian, English

Phone Number(s):

+44 (0)7903097790



Hi! My name is Claudia and I have been living in England since 2003, first in Cambridge and then in London. Originally from Italy, I moved to England to study for a PhD degree in Protein Biochemistry at the MRC- Laboratory of Molecular Biology, one of the most prestigious research institutes in the entire world! I had a great time in Cambridge and I still love science but, since we only live once, I thought I'd try and squeeze two completely different careers into one lifetime. Since I was a child, history, art and architecture had deeply fascinated me. London, on the other hand, had always felt the place where I was meant to spend my adult life. Combine the two and you have my ideal job: tourist guiding in London! sharing my love for London's history, art and architecture with people of any age, nationality and background!

London is a special place within England and the UK and nobody feels a foreigner here, no matter what language they speak or what country they come from. For this reason, despite the fact that I am neither British nor English, I like to consider myself a Londoner through and through and I would be delighted if you chose ME to take you around the city I know so well and I feel so passionate about! So, don't hesitate any longer!!! Contact me on or call me on +44 (0)7903 097790. Really looking forward to hearing from you!

Personal Interests:

Walking along the Thames and across London's parks
Auction Houses and Private Art Galleries
Modernist Architecture
Georgian and Victorian Architecture
The history of the Docklands
Conceptual Art
World cuisine

Special Interests:

Art/Paintings & Sculpture

National Gallery
Courtauld Institute
Victoria and Albert Museum
Tate Modern
Tate Britain


The City
Canary Wharf
King's Cross

Industrial Heritage

Brunel Museum and the Thames Tunnel
London Railways Stations
Port of London and the Docklands

History & Prehistory

British Museum
Museum of London
Museum of Docklands
Imperial War Museum


Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution through natural selection
Rosalind Franklin and her contribution to the Crick and Watson's DNA model

Politics & Government

Magna Carta
The origin and evolution of the British Parliamentary System
The suffragettes
Karl Marx in London
Lenin in London
Giuseppe Mazzini a Londra

London Areas in Depth

The Docklands
Hampstead Heath
The City


Canterbury Cathedral, Windsor & Eton

Driver Guide: