Burak Altay

Burak Altay

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English, Turkish

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07765 213446




Born in Istanbul, Turkey, I had the chance to explore the history with great stories since my childhood. Will be more than happy to share the interesting bits of history as well as the modern day additions to our lovely cities in the South of England. One can only hope to make your visit interesting and fun and help to go back home with great memories. My past 7 years in London area helped me to explore even more and I am thrilled to share all my knowledge and stories. Despite of my College education for Engineering, Have been guiding (and enjoying) for the past 20 years. Had the chance to join different groups from many different countries all over the world android to be a Badge holder in Both England and Turkey.

Personal Interests:

Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, British Museum, St. Paul's Cathedral, National Gallery, City walks

Special Interests:

Food & Drink

This is one of the ways of luxury living and it does not always have to cost you! With thousands of places to eat, prepare yourself for a feast...

Conferences & Incentives

Have been joining American, British and Turkish Travelers for over 20 years around the world. Have been also consulting for the events for almost 30 years.I am sure I can help a smooth operation and a successful event.

Churches & Cathedrals

The religions and their history has been one of my favorite topics in my guiding life. There is always an interesting story, behind the scenes.

Walking Tours

One of the best ways to explore and understand a city. I love walking and also know how to make it interesting and educative.

Britain Today

lovely to know the history, but great to explore a country as it is living it as well.


Another way to enjoy London. Have been named as the best shopping advisor by so many of my guests and friends.


Archeology and the ancient sites have always charmed me, will be a pleasure to share.


Born into an archeologist family in Istanbul,Turkey, had the opportunity to live in history and literally museums. That makes the museums and exhibitions my special interest and feels like home.

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